$Custom Designs Care of your Eimicke Representative

Let us help you find a way to creatively express your company's appreciation of customers and clients with a custom designed holiday card!


Boat Happy Holidays-EIM


Memorial Day...

Thank you to all that have served from all of us at Rivertown Greetings and Eimicke Collections! 





Oh Canada! Enjoy the long weekend!

A5323FCH12-74Savings on now! Call us when you recover from the holiday weekend for great deals !!!


Water sports anyone?

Or we could put your own design on a card for you!  SSI created this design for their 2012 Holiday Season cards and made a splash with their clients! 



On the water? Customer designs for the nautical...

Lighthouse College
Boat at dock
Ship with border


Countdown to order!


We're in the home stretch!

Believe it or not, we are in to the month of August.  With only a month and a bit (give or take a few weeks depending on where you are..) left of summer, we're headed in to our busiest season.  Have you decided which cards your company will be sending out this year?  Whether it is Christmas or Thanksgiving cards- what you send matters.


Consider who you are sending your cards to.  If you have many different international clients receiving your cards, a Christmas card may not be the right choice, whereas a Thanksgiving card might not make sense!  What does this leave you with?  An international card, of course!  Calendar cards are also a thoughtful gesture which will leave your company information on display for your clients year-round.  It's a neutral choice which can be used for any situation, especially if you are unsure as to what your customers celebrate.  BM0522-12-74 (FULL CAL)


Next week, we'll touch on the subject of Christmas cards!  Have a question about what to send to your clients?  Ask us! 800-365-9232 or ask us on Facebook or on Twitter: @Eimicke



Donating blood

Well, we're headed full force in to summer. With so many busy things going on (including vacations) it's nice to regroup and create a few goals as a team. We here at Eimicke have decided to donate a pint of blood for every employee this year. So far, that's 38 pints! Here are just a few pictures from last week..

May17 001May17 003

Do you have a way of bringing the team together?  Let us know on Twitter or Facebook. @Eimicke



Well, it's already May and you know what that means!


We're headed in to summer.  You may not be thinking about Christmas or Thanksgiving cards right now, but what about summer BBQ invitations?  We offer many different options which are sure to impress your guests!  Don't believe us?  Contact us! 1-800-365-9232


Happy Easter from Eimicke!



Eimicke Creations

Cleaning Crew-EIMBirthday Hat-EIM
All of us penguins

Cardinal 1-EIM
Easter Dafadily-EIM